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An attempt to ban the international trade in Polar Bear parts provoked a heated battle at the Cites conservation meeting in Bangkok. Canada claims the trade is crucial to their survival, being the only country that still permits the trade of body parts while only having an estimated 16,000 left in the Canadian Arctic. Each year around 600 Polar Bears are killed there, but only about 300 pelt (which are sold for about $4, 850 each) are sold for rugs while fangs and paws are also exported. It’s also been argues that prices for skins have increased considerably over the years and that hunting quotas (yes quotas) have been raised in response. But I see that you can’t lower the prices either since that would allow more people to buy which will, yet again, raise the quota. Mark Jones (the sportscaster?) , has been quoted saying “It will come up again and again until countries understand that you can’t have a sustainable trade in a species that’s expected to precipitously decline over the coming decades,” The U.S. and other countries (Yes with Russia’s support) also agree that it is unsustainable and have proposed to ban the trade. (Which I am in favor for) The vote has been scheduled for Thursday. Come on Canada. Can’t you find something more lucrative than animal parts? I have yet to see a bad comedian come from there. Maybe that’s where you can start?