Fresno Lion Incident Follow-up


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I call shenanigans to this whole thing. The facility, known as Project Survival’s Cat Haven and has been around since 1993 ( and from what it looks like they have a core staff and have no expectations on having to hire a new paid person. And yet the cage was left partially open? The lion was a 4 year old named Couscous and had been raised there since it was 8 weeks old. Would it NOT be curious about an opened gate?

The volunteer has been said to have had an ease with the big cats and the cats were friendly toward her. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but cats tend to have a rough way of playing when they want. Even the cat I have can unintentionally make you bleed. I can only imagine how a big cat plays. And she was found with bite and claw marks.  Not they also say the cat had already been fed. And was found near her. Not on her.  Does it not also make sense that the lion was thinking “Oh no! It’s broken! I can’t speak their language to call for help. I’ll stay near by to make sure no more harm comes to her until her people come.”? And notice the little wording trick they use when they say “Fresno County Coroner David Hadden said investigators believe the lion attacked  and killed”. The coroner is not backing up that claim. He’s merely repeating it.

The facility, known as Project Survival’s Cat Haven, is normally closed on Wednesdays when the attack happened, and only one other worker was present during the mauling. The founder of Cat Haven, Dale Anderson, said that he and two other workers had left to take a cheetah to exhibit at a local school. Deputies found the woman severely injured and still lying inside the male African lion’s enclosure with the lion nearby, said sheriff’s Lt. Bob Miller. Another park worker couldn’t lure the lion into another pen, so deputies shot and killed it to safely reach the wounded woman, but she died at the scene, he said. And how far away was the only worker? And why have we not heard a statement from that person? Did he hear a scream? How did they know what was happening with enough time to get the sheriff involved? Why does this story not add up???

My thoughts?

1. Curious how this happens in the same time frame CITES meets with a topic on the table of whether or not lions should be fenced in

2. “The man who opened Cat Haven in 1998 and has kept it going on a shoestring budget” All publicity is good, right? We accept a minimum of $5 in donations.

3. Someone, for some reason, wanted her dead and is making it look like a terrible accident.

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