Daily Archives: March 19, 2013

While I have a quick moment


Even though this page is not even a month old yet (3/5/13 actually), I have already been nominated for an award by another blogger! See post here:


I have never been nominated for anything before. Especially thoughts/opinions I have for things. I never used to really think about what they were before. It was the safer way to go. I never felt like I knew what I was talking about and most people tend to vehemently disagree with others opinions and I’m not good with confrontations which usually resulted with me curling inward and staying quiet. But perhaps here is the place for me. Stressedoutstudent, that found me here,  has been a good contact for me. So maybe I will find more. So now that we know that this means a lot to me, I also cannot actually accept the nomination due to the rules of the award. And that’s cool too. Further down the road. 🙂