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Can I get a woohoo!?


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“The League Against Cruel Sports, a British animal advocacy organization, has announced plans to use drones in order to catch illegal hunting activities.

The pro-hunting crowd is balking over the move, and raising questions about privacy and civil liberties being violated. However, in the UK it is “legal to fly your own drone without any special permission if it weighs less than 20kg and is flying more than 150m from a congested area,” according to the BBC.

“No one owns the upper stratum of airspace so provided the drones fly at a reasonable height so as not to cause a nuisance they will not be trespassing,”  said a spokeswoman for the league. “We would only use this equipment if we believed illegal activity was taking place, we wouldn’t just go out and monitor anybody.”

The Police Federation said that evidence obtained through the use of drones would be treated in a similar way to that obtained using CCTV.

ShadowView is also being very straightforward about what they’re doing.

“We fly and film within the law and within the CAA flight regulations of the UK. We are filming illegal hunts, so if you’re not acting illegally you have nothing to worry about. It’s interesting that poachers and illegal hunters are the first to complain about invasion of privacy when activists document their crimes; I cannot imagine the police or courts being very sympathetic to an armed bank robber complaining that his crime was filmed, as being an invasion of his privacy,” said co-founder Steve Roest.”