Zeitgeist #1…Check!



I’m kinda amazed at myself for having come to some conclusions that are on here. I was really interested in the 9/11 section because I didn’t really pay that close attention then. I felt separate from it, like I was watching a movie or something. It now makes sense why they gotta keep rehashing it once or twice a year. There was even things I don’t remember happening or even hearing about so that was also interesting. I feel like there’s something I need to do or should do, but what? I almost feel like I should be worried just having this blog. But then if this Peter Joseph is still alive then I have nothing to worry about then right? And the theories are much more involved than I would have ever gotten. Or it would’ve taken a while. I have new things to ponder now. And I feel good about it. One more to go!


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  2. I only approved this commented link above because everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and to come to the right conclusion you need to consider all points available to you. But it is up to the individual to believe what is right for them. I, myself find this far fetched, and in a way it tries too hard (which makes me think there’s an agenda behind it), but to each their own.

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