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Why ask a question you already know the answer to?


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BBCs article by David Shukman poses the question Why such a fuss about extinction? Starting off with “But I ask because I am merely wondering whether we sometimes forget a grim reality of the story of life on Earth – that extinction has always been with us.” But throughout the article he lists all the reasons. It would be a different ball game if it was a completely natural thing. Earth says “I’m sorry, it’s your time to go.” That I would be able to deal with. I realize that my opinion about this is more personal and emotional. A moral stand-point. Humans careless violence towards animals which might have not become extinct otherwise. But luckily for me it’s also a sustainability issue as well. We focus on a few species we find important for one reason or another, wipe them out, then focus on more. What happens when we go through everything on land and in water? If you want to continue to be meat eaters (and get the nutrients from it) then there needs to continue to be meat to eat. And if you want to argue that this is what humans have done as long as we’ve been here, well I call bull. We should know better by now. How many ways have humans changed the way things are done and we pick this event to reference back to?