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In Lieu of Earth Day


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“Fortunately we also know what needs to be done to allow people to plan their family size to get a handle on population growth. We know how to protect and restore earth’s ecosystems. And we know that moving with wartime speed on efficiency, conservation, renewable energy, and diversified transport systems will give us the best chance of getting off our dead-end fossil fuel habit. That is what we need to cut greenhouse gas emissions enough to prevent climate change from spiraling completely out of control. Beating this ticking clock will take all hands on deck.”

There are a lot of allergic people out there…


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“The landscape of childhood has changed. In the last several years, we have seen jaw-dropping increases in the rates of allergies, autism, ADHD and asthma, earning these conditions the nickname “the 4 As” and our children the title, “Generation Rx.”

If The World Is A Stage, Then Maybe…


Just throwing this idea out there. I just can’t really shake that the Boston bombing just feels off. (Caution: Conspiracy Theory ahead) Not to mention that the media has gone happy with the word “terror” yet again. Like they’re trying to hypnotize with it or something. But could it be that these brothers were just fall guys? It has the appearance that they weren’t meant to survive to be questioned.  One dead and the other hospitalized, shot in the neck. I’m not a gun guru or anything, (though I’ve been to the shooting range a few times) if they really wanted to question them one would imagine they wouldn’t aim for the head. Just saying if they wanted to do something without other people being able to do anything about it, this would be a good distraction. Not to mention it would guarantee people get freaked out about protection and more likely to be talked into war actions…

“While everyone is talking about the Boston Bombing, Obama quietly signs a law to repeal the ban on Insider Trading for Congress.”

The screwy off beat questioning


“The mother of two men suspected of carrying out the Boston Marathon bombings has said she believes her sons are innocent and is “100% sure that this is set up”.”


Happy Earth day!


I bid everyone a good day outdoors. The weather is nice out so don’t wast it shopping. Go to the beach. Go to a park. Go to a wooded area or water reservoir. Plant a tree or some flowers! And plant one more for me because I will be trapped in the economy machine on this beautiful day. (Also Mutts comics is wonderful promoting earth day and adopting from shelters.)