Search for Survivors after Dhaka building collapse


Image links to BBC article

“Police said the factory owners had ignored warnings not to allow their workers into the building after cracks were noticed on Tuesday. The High Court has summoned the building owner and senior management staff of the factories to appear before judges on 30 April, local media report. The factory owners are said to have gone into hiding.”

“Primark, a clothes retailer with a large presence in Britain, confirmed that one of its suppliers was on the second floor of the Rana Plaza. It said it was “shocked and deeply saddened by the appalling incident” and that it would work with other retailers to review standards. Discount giant Wal-Mart – which was found to be sourcing products from the Tazreen factory – said it was still trying to establish whether its goods were being produced at the Rana Plaza.

“We remain committed and are actively engaged in promoting stronger safety measures, and that work continues,” said Wal-Mart spokesman Kevin Gardner.

A company called New Wave, with two factories in the building, supplies firms from around Europe, the US and Canada.”

Just make sure you keep those numbers up. That’s all that’s important, right? -_-


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