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I Fail to See This as a Good Idea


“The biggest pork firms in China and the US plan to join forces in a $4.7bn (£3.1bn) deal that aims to feed the world’s most populous country.

China’s Shuanghui International has agreed to pay cash for the Virginia-based Smithfield Foods, which including debt, values the firm at $7.1bn.

The deal will be the largest takeover of a US company by a Chinese rival.

It also highlights the growing power of Chinese firms and their desire to secure global resources.”

Um, have they forgotten how “infected” their food and water has become lately? This is hardly a sound business deal for a company in the U.S.



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“Scotland holds 10 percent of Europe’s wave power potential, and the nation just announced plans to tap into that resource by building the world’s largest wave farm! Once constructed, the farm will generate 40 MW of green energy – enough to power 30,000 homes each year. The project will be developed by Aquamarine Power off the coast of Lewis using 50 of the company’s devices, and it should be up and running by 2018.”

A seriously awesome way to use what the earth has to offer because it takes nothing from it!

Do I Amuse You?


“A man died from his injuries when he was bitten multiple times by a beaver in March. He had apparently been attempting to catch the animal in order to be photographed with it.”

I want to sympathize with the guy. I really do. But he really handled the situation poorly. The beaver obviously didn’t want to take a picture with him. Seriously though, I’m sure it had no idea why this human was coming after him and thought it had to defend itself. The way the story is written makes it sound like the guy wasn’t taking no for an answer.  To me, “been attempting” sounds like multiple tries. Whereas “had attempted” would have had the sound of tried once and left it alone. Which he should have done! People really need to stop trying to make animals do things they don’t want to do because all that ends up happening is the human gets hurt and every one blames the animal. The title of this is what I imagine the beaver to be saying to itself. Like in Goodfellas: “You mean, let me understand this cause, ya know maybe it’s me, I’m a little fucked up maybe, but I’m funny how, I mean funny like I’m a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh, I’m here to fuckin’ amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny?”



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For the last thirteen years, an international team of researchers have been searching out any indication that one of the world’s most majestic animals, the Formosan clouded leopard, was still in existence its native forests of Taiwan. But now that countless in-the-field observation hours and thousands of infred cameras have turned up no sign of the rare species, scientists have arrived to a somber conclusion: clouded leopards there are extinct, and have likely been for decades.”









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“Our research shows that the plight of the wildcat is now so serious that unless urgent and targeted conservation activities take place, its extinction due to hybridisation is a certainty.

“Recent estimates suggest that fewer than 100 remain, making it one of the rarest animals in the world.

“Unless decisive action is taken, the wildcat could be declared extinct with the next 12 to 24 months.”












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“Shu-Jin Luo of Peking University and colleagues report in the journal Current Biology how they investigated the genetics of a family of tigers living in Chimelong Safari Park in Panyu, Guangzhou Province.

This ambush of tigers included both white and orange individuals.

The study zeroed in on the pigment gene called SLC45A2, which has long been associated with the light colouration seen in some human populations, and in a range of other animals including horses, chickens, and fish.

The team identified a small alteration in the white-tiger version of SLC45A2 that appears to inhibit the production of red and yellow pigments. This change has no effect on the generation of black pigment – explaining why the whites still have their characteristic dark stripes.”

I love white tigers. I really do. But is it really worth it to continue to breed them at the risk or their health? Something that could have fizzed out on it’s own? WHY MUST WE MEDDLE IN EVERYTHING???

“A number of the white tigers found in zoos have health issues, such as eyesight problems and some deformities.

However, Luo and colleagues say these deficiencies are a consequence of inbreeding by humans and that the white coats are in no way indicative of a more general weakness in the Bengal variant.”



Pretty cool! But worrisome as well.  Thoughts coming from I, Robot and The Matrix gives this worry potential. Not to mention that if they are successful, it is very likely that they will take the jobs that don’t require much creativity leaving more people jobless.  (I would love for them to take over retail jobs. Just upload the policy and how they want things to look and you’re all set! Don’t mind me, I’m just tired of people trying to find the policy loopholes) These may not be likely, but they could eventually be possible. But still, I just can’t help but be excited about the advancement of this! 🙂

O, Canada!


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“This week, an unidentified man redefined generosity by anonymously donating a large sum of money to a Canadian animal shelter. According to Canada’s Metro News, the mystery man dropped an envelope off at Ontario’s Humane Society of Durham Region on Tuesday. It contained a brief message about helping others and a donation of $25,000.”

This makes my heart happy. 🙂