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The Age Of Stupid


If you have about an hour and a half give this a watch. Worth it. I will admit, this planet has had it’s ups and downs in climate, so the term “climate change” doesn’t really apply since that’s always happening. I’m referring to the Ice Age here (Perhaps we’re moving to the Liquid Age? 😉 ). But shouldn’t we do what we can to take care of the planet we’re on? And seriously that lady against the wind turbines! Ahh!

And I’ve been seeing more of how much damage airplanes do. Wouldn’t fast, magnetic monorail systems be a better option? Is it really that bad if you can’t get somewhere in a couple hours? Imagine the free time! You could read or catch up on your favorite show or whatever else you feel the need to do. 🙂


‘White graphene’ soaks up pollutants and can be re-used


Perhaps Exxon should take an interest in this. Nudge Nudge Wink Wink.

Image links to BBC article

“A report in Nature Communications shows the material can preferentially soak up organic pollutants such as industrial chemicals or engine oil…  The powder soaked up as much as 33 times its own weight in the chemical ethylene glycol and 29 times its own weight of engine oil. Even still, the saturated powder floats on water.”


Insert Favorite Expletive Here


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“No one can say for certain when African rhinos first began to inhabit the forests and plains of Mozambique — but we do know when their reign there ended. Conservationists say that the nation’s remaining 15 rhinos were found dead last month, butchered by poachers and robbed of their horns.”
Can the U.S. just sneak over there in the night and rescue any animals left? Obviously Africa could care less what happens to them. 😦