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Critter Camed Alaskan Bears



“But what, exactly, do the city’s bears do all day? Last summer, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game captured six bears — four black and two brown — and attached collars with rugged, specially-made video cameras around their necks in an effort to answer that question. Now, biologists have 60 hours of video that show the unseen lives of bears in Anchorage: sleeping, eating gull eggs, walking greenbelts, licking grease cans and gum stuck on the ground, salivating over garbage pizza and discarded birdseed, scooping up bivalves from Cook Inlet mudflats and scarfing horsetail and dandelions, all from a vantage point just under their muzzles. Combined with GPS tracking, the study gives researchers a clearer picture than ever before of how urban bears spend their days.”

“The cameras also captured unsettling moments that show that while we watch bears they watch us, too. In one clip, a bear turns the corner of a house and sees a person in the yard. The bear quietly slips away without the person ever knowing it was there.”

Wait. So how is the bear walking away unsettling? Obviously it had no intention of mauling any one. Perhaps that’s how they normally are unless threatened? But then of course you have comments like this below:

“If you read the article the suspicion is that even with zero garbage we would still have the bears. Much of their diet is natural and plentiful in the Anchorage area. So shooting the nuisance bears is still in order.”

In theory if you do some minor things, they will have less things to pick through in the city area and wonder through less. What would be the point, right? So why not find a way to live together instead of shooting them when they move?

timelapse video aims to save ancient forest


“Four filmmakers, two canoes, six cameras and a passion for the environment came together to create this inspiring timelapse video aimed at preserving what remains of Ontario’s ancient Red Pine forest from mining.”


Leonardo Dicaprio and the Environment?


Let me tell you, I had no idea that Leonardo Dicaprio was an environmental activist! My split second knee-jerk reaction was to question how much he was actually doing. Any celebrity can hold an auction for a cause.


It’s great for publicity. But he made a documentary in 2007? And interviewed real people in it? Like Stephen Hawking? Major points dude, major points. Now if only I can find the whole thing on youtube or something.