This would be much better!


Image links to Treehugger article

Now if bike lanes were set up in this fashion, the bikers wouldn’t be one of my top pet peeves while driving! In my neck of the woods they’re always going against traffic, in the dark, and in a narrow lane that’s had the sidewalk blocked off and and it also resulted in loosing the turn lane. Seriously idiotic (Share the road indeed.). I will never understand why they just don’t use the other side of the street that’s perfectly fine. Otherwise I have nothing against biking. I loved it growing up. It’s great exercise and good for the environment. As I’ve said before (more or less) that we need more bike only towns/cities. But this is an automobile kind of world at the moment and until this can look more like this picture, we’re going to continue having problems.


About D.Dinius

I am big on education, animals, and nature. So following that sentence I think it's important to be smart and animals and nature bring clarity and a calmness to things. I am new to actually paying attention and having opinions. This has been building well for about the last year. :)

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