Will ‘free homes’ solve Spain’s evictions crisis?


Image links to BBC article

“The town hall in this small, aesthetically unremarkable town an hour-and-a-bit east of Seville, has given David 190 sq m (2,000 sq ft) of land. He and others are only eligible after they have been registered residents of Marinaleda for at least two years. The bricks and mortar are also a gift, this time from the regional government of Andalusia. Only once his home is finished will he start paying 15 euros (£13) a month, to the regional government, to refund the cost of other building materials. Of course, most people do not know how to build a house, so the town hall in Marinaleda throws in some expertise. It employs several professional builders and plumbers, a couple of whom work alongside David, to help him construct his house. The town’s controversial bearded Mayor, Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo, is known for occupying land belonging to the wealthy in Andalusia. Last summer, he and his left-wing union comrades stole from supermarkets and handed out the food to the poor. “I think it is possible that a home should be a right, and not a business, in Europe”, he argues.”

I hope this plays out well!


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