Have I mentioned how much I love Seattle?


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“Over the past few days, permaculture practitioners and urban food policy followers not just in the Emerald City but around the globe have been positively abuzz with news that a hilly and undeveloped 7-acre parcel of land owned by Seattle Public Utilities will be transformed into a lush, forager-friendly wonderland called the Beacon Food Forest.

To be clear, the future site of the food forest — thought to be the largest of its kind in the U.S. — isn’t located in some sylvan pocket on the outskirts of town, in a woodsy bedroom community, or in, gulp, neighboring Snohomish County. The Beacon Food Forest will be located less than 3 miles southeast of Seattle’s downtown core in the ethnically and economically diverse Beacon Hill neighborhood (former home of Amazon.com, by the way) adjacent to a large park. It’s very much an urban endeavor that can best be described as a P-Patch (Seattle vernacular for community plot — there are more than 75 throughout the city all overseen by a nonprofit called P-Patch Trust) on steroids.”

Is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking??? It’s like the edible room! But healthy!!!

Gene Wilder is great by the way! 🙂


About D.Dinius

I am big on education, animals, and nature. So following that sentence I think it's important to be smart and animals and nature bring clarity and a calmness to things. I am new to actually paying attention and having opinions. This has been building well for about the last year. :)

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  1. Bravo, Seattle. Of course they would launch this initiative after I relocated to the High Desert of NM. Yes, I live in The Land of Enchantment yet I long for the lush, green creativity for which Seattle is famous. Thanks for sharing the good news!

  2. The choice was equal parts leaving the omni-precipitation presence of the Northwest and being drawn, spiritually, to the Native lands and their way of life. No regrets, yet we do long for some of the abundant rains that befall Seattle.

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