Some Goods And Some Bads


The global coal industry is using as much water as a billion people each year

“We already know that coal-fired power plants are bad for the planet, but that’s usually because we are just thinking about the enormous amounts of carbon dioxide emissions they contribute to our atmosphere. A new Greenpeace report entitled The Great Water Grab sheds light on another terrifying aspect of the coal industry – its astronomical water consumption. The report suggests that the global coal industry uses the same amount of water that would serve one billion people each year. Because coal plants are often situated in water-scarce areas of the world, this adds up to a devastating misuse of Earth’s precious resources.”

Warka Water tower that pulls drinking water from thin air wins World Design Impact Prize

“Designed by Arturo Vittori and his Italian studio Architecture and Vision, Warka Water is a water-catchment system that produces potable water by harvesting rain, fog, and dew. The team took design cues from naturally found forms, like termite hives and cactus spines, and combined them with low-cost, locally found materials to create the sculptural and biomimetic tower. A Warka Water structure comprises a bamboo frame, recyclable mesh, rope, canopy, and a water tank, and can be assembled easily and inexpensively by six people in about four days.”

Biodegradable algae water bottles provide a green alternative to plastic

“The algae bottle retains its unique shape until it is empty, and then it begins to break down. It’s an all-natural alternative to plastic, and Jónsson says drinkers can even chew on the bottle if they enjoy the taste. Agar is often used as a vegetarian or vegan substitute for gelatin in desserts, and is both safe for the environment and humans.”

Florida nuclear power plant is leaking pollutants that threaten drinking water

“A nuclear power plant south of Miami is leaking polluted water into the fragile ecosystem of Florida’s Biscayne Bay. The leak was discovered during a recent investigation commissioned by the county government, which revealed that Turkey Point power plant’s old cooling canal system is leaking pollutants into a body of water that mingles with the open sea. A growing saltwater plume in the bay is pulling contaminated water several miles away toward wells that supply drinking water to millions of Florida residents.
Scientists found elevated levels of salt, ammonia, phosphorous and tritium in water samples taken at various depths. Tritium is a radioactive isotope that is found in nature, but also stems from nuclear power plants. Although the current levels aren’t high enough to pose a direct threat to humans, the test results show that the pollutants exceed the levels set by federal clean water regulations.”

Leonardo DiCaprio gives Seychelles $1 million for monumental marine sanctuary

“The donation from the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF) supports a larger effort to offer financial aid to the island nation. In addition to the million dollar gift, foreign investor groups have agreed to a “debt swap” agreement, which calls for a massive restructuring of the nation’s $21.4 million debt in exchange for ocean protection efforts. The Seychelles government has plenty of reasons to want to protect its surrounding seas, as much of the country’s economy relies on tuna fishing and water-centric tourist activities.”

Norwegian energy giant developing battery solution for offshore wind

“Renewable Energy Magazine reports that Statoil, the Norwegian energy (and oil) giant that’s developing this project, is also launching Batwind—a lithium ion battery storage solution designed specifically for offshore wind applications. And its first trial run, in late 2018 if all goes to plan, will be at the Hywind floating wind farm. Developed in conjunction with universities and suppliers in Scotland, if successful, this project could add a significant boost to an already exciting new development in wind energy technology.”

‘The Story of Stuff’ takes on Nestlé in new film

“Nestlé has been fighting for a water deal in Cascade Locks since 2007. It wants permission to carry away millions of gallons of water annually, driving it through the downtown core in huge 20,000-pound trucks at a rate of one every four minutes. The water would be bottled and sold right back to Americans.”

Starbucks to donate leftover packaged food

“Through FoodShare, all of Starbucks 7,600 company-operated stores in the United States will donate ready-to-eat meals to food banks through the company’s existing relationship with Food Donation Collection and a new partnership with Feeding America. By the end of 2016, Starbucks estimates it will have donated 5,000 ready-to-eat meals to those in need. It will also save many of those 5,000 meals from ending up in the landfill.”

Coral reefs can be healthy if we keep humans at bay, massive 10-year study shows

“Over the past decade, the researchers have studied 450 coral reefs spread around 56 islands in the central Pacific, including Hawaii, the Phoenix islands, the Mariana Archipelago and American Samoa. This massive undertaking has revealed how much of an impact proximity to humans has on the coral reefs. Those near remote islands are dramatically healthier than those near populated areas. The remote corals host more species including sea turtles, jellyfish, manta rays, sharks, as well as more colorful algae.”

Another environmental activist, Nelson García, is murdered in Honduras

“Sadly his assassination, like that of Cáceres, does not come as a surprise. Honduras is known for being one of the most dangerous countries in the world for environmental activists. A report called “How Many More?” from Global Witness states that 101 activists have been killed in Honduras between 2010 and 2014. Many are from indigenous communities that resisted development projects, including mines and dams, and the encroachment of farms on their territory.”


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