Kismet: Fate; Lady Luck

Oubliette: A secret dungeon with an opening from the top usually found in old castles. It’s a place you put things to forget about them.

I have somewhat strayed from my initial reason for starting this page. Even though I was only regurgitating information, I was trying to do too much at once and it got to me. I’m NOT continuing on with the underlying current of doom (As fun as that was 😉 ) and will continue on with things I feel passionate about. Sure there will be posts that aren’t so positive, but I will post them if I feel they need to be said. I will continue with animals, nature, and education. I will continue with articles I find that have great ideas and or involve great creativity and ingenuity. I just want people to know there are other things happening beyond what’s “reported” to us by the popular news. There’s more out there than terrorism/ violence, petty election scandals, and the virus of the moment. Is it really all that important to know what celebrity bought what, or what product they’re promoting?  I will only post when I have the free time. So sometimes the posts may be a while in the making. Bear with me. If my posts take a while, it’s because I’m trying to find the best way to do it or fact checking my thoughts (Or my cat just plain wont leave me alone). I welcome anyone who can be an adult about topics. I welcome any difference of opinion, as long as you can talk about them calmly and rationally, because I know I don’t know everything.

I do have 3 people who I’ve given authorial access to. I always like what they have to say because they are usually able to bring up things I haven’t thought about. May they one day decide to post their own stuff on here, but until then I am more than happy to see their comments. 🙂

Some nice things that have been said, they may be old, but I still like them:

“I really like the premise for your site. It’s very personal and yet very social, too.” Found here

“This blog could certainly be one of the very best in its field. Fantastic blog!” Found here

May you find your time here worthwhile.

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  1. I really like the premise for your site. It’s very personal and yet very social, too. The first article of yours that caught my eye was the one about the supposed food scarcity. I’m learning to open my eyes, too, and one of the recent topics that I’m beginning to explore is how “wrong” our structure of civilization is. So I was wondering what your thoughts are about this: Is our civilization sustainable? Is it too late for us to make enough changes to save humanity?

    • I think, that until we’ve destroyed everything, it’s not too late. We still have all the tools and resources to sustain us and help us grow. If power and money can be taken out of the equation I think most of our problems would right itself. With that being said, I have this feeling that it will never happen. The people who control how things are done don’t want to loose what they have and have the influence with the other people to make sure that happens. No matter what the cost is to everything around them. And every one else is afraid to say/do anything fearing that they are the only one feeling that way and will get squished. Nobody wants to be worse off than they already are. I am so glad you ask questions so that I may ask myself questions! And I love that you’re curious all without being judgmental and argumentative! What conclusions have you come to so far?

  2. I, too, am not very optimistic. However, I think it’s hard to imagine the world making the drastic change for the better because we have not yet reached our critical. At the present moment, conditions are such that the average person feels “content.” In fact, this is feeling of supposed contentedness is manufactured by politics and the powers that be. If you read Daniel Quinn, he refers to it as “Mother Culture.” You’re right: no one wants to be worse off than they already are, so they trick themselves into thinking they’re all right. So while I’m not very optimistic – this radical change will not happen in the near future, of course – I think there is still a chance. Like you said, we haven’t destroyed everything. Not yet.

    And I feel a bit confined writing in this little comment box. Would you prefer e-mail? I feel that I cna express myself more in email:

  3. Agreed. And it really is easy to slip into feeling content or at least feeling enough guilt to do so. We could easily link this to your First World Problems post. All people have to do is tell themselves that things are great, just look at all the stuff they have.It’s hard to say that things are wrong when we have all the necessities that other places don’t have. It’s just our problems are different. And who doesn’t want to be closer to a utopia? Especially when we find ourselves slipping into a dystopia (almost willingly). I’m up for trying email. I’ll message you.

    • You are quite welcome! And thank you for the support! I do wonder from time to time how this will/could affect me in the future. If no one talks about these things then how will they be overcome? Also, it’s hard to know how many others have these ideas if they’re afraid to talk about them. I would love to help with nature and animals, but I don’t know who is actually doing what they say they’re doing which makes me hesitant to do anything. This seemed like the best option for someone starting to figure things out. It’s been a positive experience so far with a few people finding my page and giving me ideas of what to look at. And hopefully people who haven’t thought about these things will find this and maybe something will hit home for them.

    • I wish I knew. Governments say it’s illegal and yet they barely get a slap on the wrist. Which more or less condones it in my book. People are still willing to pay good money for the parts ( 😦 ) they want so the poachers will stop at nothing to get it. I suspect pitting violence against violence will only kill the people trying to protect the animals (unless there’s a big enough group of trained assassins or ninjas or something willing to fight for the cause.) and there will still be little government involvement. I can only suggest reverse psychology for the people who are making this a demand and somehow get them to think that it’s not something they want. They need to see these things as the opposite of what they think it is. So what’s pure is dirty, what’s healing will contaminate. And so forth. With supply and demand being the driving force behind it, in a money based economy where many have little, nothing short of a change of thoughts will make it end. So until someone figures out the solution I suppose all one can do is get the word out to those who don’t know or try to bury their head in the sand and hope one day there will be more of us than them. :/

  4. Richard and Mary were really good writers.
    Have read nearly every book every Leakey has written.
    My education was in Anthro, duh!
    Was gifted a rare B/W picture of Louis digging in the California desert many years ago.

    • Very cool! I am somewhat an avid reader. Is there a book(s) that stands out as your favorite? I would love to add it (them) to my to-read list! 🙂

    • Thank you! I will look for it! I’m in California. Now that I think about it perhaps I should look to see what time zone this site has me in. Ha!

    • That’s too bad about Florida. I’ve never been. Though from being so sardine-like in the area I am, I figure I’d love to move a little further out to the Sonora, Ca area. It looks so pretty out there.

  5. With joy, I have nominated you for Very Inspiring Blogger Award. The rules are simple:

    1) Display the logo on your blog (it can be found on my blog).
    2) Link back to the person who nominated you.
    3) Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award and link back to them.
    4) Notify bloggers of the nomination and award requirements.

    Thank you for your most enjoyable reads.

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