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Hell Yes We Can Do It!


9 women you’ve probably never heard of who’ve made conservation history

Women captains, co-pilots, navigators, air-traffic controllers and crew are slowly becoming a more common sight

12 impressive female world leaders

Women. We can do anything we set our minds to. And when we’re determined enough we have the potential to be stellar at it. We find ourselves as musicians, dancers, artists, actors, fighters, shooters, pilots, chefs, race car drivers, farmers, builders, coders, writers, designers, therapists, doctors, engineers, scientists, and leaders. You name it, there’s someone out there kicking ass and taking names.

On a side note. Do you know how hard it is to find good inspiring women’s quotes that have nothing to do with relationships, beauty, or attitude? I just wasted about an hour. Let’s inspire without without belittling or patronizing, shall we? I know we’ve become so accustomed to it…

Even with all that “inspiring” head patting, women did the work and did the work well. Even taking less time to do things then the men did.  I know people are still having a hard time with this concept, but thankfully it has gotten better. Let’s keep up the good work and keep moving forward!



Ancient flower discovered in fossilized resin could be 45 million years old
New tropical flower species found amazingly well-preserved in ancient amber

“A botanist at the Oregon State University stumbled upon an unlikely sort of ancient artifact early last year: two delicate tropical blossoms almost perfectly preserved in amber. It wasn’t until this week that the flowers were identified as a new species, Strychnos electri, which is a distant relative of the plant that produces the poison strychnine. The flowers are believed to be more than 15 million years old, and perhaps as much as 45 million years old.”


The private life of Hyperion, the world’s tallest tree

“Two naturalists, Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor, were trekking through the forest when they stumbled upon three trees that took their breaths away. Using professional laser equipment, they measured all three trees as taller than the record. In September, 2006, Steve Sillett arrived to measure the tallest, Hyperion, the old fashioned way and filmed the “second to none” experience for National Geographic.”


Giant Hawaiian waves briefly reveal ancient rock art under the sand

“Thanks to El Niño, Hawaii’s waves are not only spectacularly large, but also very good at uncovering lost ancient rock art.

Last week at Pine Tree Beach on the Big Island’s Kona Coast, locals walking the shore were treated to an extremely rare appearance of several petroglyphs. Normally covered by over 10 feet of sand, the rock art was ever-so-briefly revealed by the pounding surf.”

Allow Me to Introduce to You Artemisia Gentileschi


“Artemisia Gentileschi (1593 – 1652/1653), daughter of well-known Roman artist, Orazio Gentileschi (1563 – 1639), was one of the first women artists to achieve recognition in the male-dominated world of post-Renaissance art. In an era when female artists were limited to portrait painting and imitative poses, she was the first woman to paint major historical and religious scenarios.”

I first came across this on Tumblr and I found her story to be really fascinating. This person seems to really know a lot. Here’s what’s been posted starting with what I came across first.

And some links:

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