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1984 like: Big Brother, Restricted and regulated knowledge, dumbed down vocabulary with newspeak

‘Part of 9/11 plane landing gear’ found in New York?


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The piece was found in a narrow, rubbish-filled space 18in (0.45m) wide.

“Mr Kelly told reporters after inspecting it that a length of rope was looped around the piece of steel and that no marks were visible on the walls overhead. Analysts suggest a full exploration of the site may require some demolition work on the two buildings.”

Really? They combed that area with a fine tooth comb then. And it’s been how long? And timed with the Boston Bombings? I just can’t help but question this. 😦



We are all celebrities now ;)


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“The Boston Marathon bombings suspects were quickly identified after investigators picked them out on CCTV footage. Does that mean Americans need to depend more on CCTV? “People realize that everywhere you go now, your picture is taken. That will be one more surveillance mode in everyone’s face. Social media, phones with cameras everywhere… there’s no escape.”

If The World Is A Stage, Then Maybe…


Just throwing this idea out there. I just can’t really shake that the Boston bombing just feels off. (Caution: Conspiracy Theory ahead) Not to mention that the media has gone happy with the word “terror” yet again. Like they’re trying to hypnotize with it or something. But could it be that these brothers were just fall guys? It has the appearance that they weren’t meant to survive to be questioned.  One dead and the other hospitalized, shot in the neck. I’m not a gun guru or anything, (though I’ve been to the shooting range a few times) if they really wanted to question them one would imagine they wouldn’t aim for the head. Just saying if they wanted to do something without other people being able to do anything about it, this would be a good distraction. Not to mention it would guarantee people get freaked out about protection and more likely to be talked into war actions…

“While everyone is talking about the Boston Bombing, Obama quietly signs a law to repeal the ban on Insider Trading for Congress.”

The screwy off beat questioning

“The mother of two men suspected of carrying out the Boston Marathon bombings has said she believes her sons are innocent and is “100% sure that this is set up”.”



Thanks to the bombing in Boston Big Brother is sneaking up on us evermore. But the question remains: Is it on purpose? We can at least feel calmer by the idea that they would need a person per camera to make things more instant. So actions they take can only be after the fact unless they feel there’s a need to watch you specifically.

Zeitgeist: Addendum… Check


Watched the remaining Zeitgeist movie yesterday. It’s kind of a meld of 1 and 3. Still has impact. It talks about the money system and the Venus Project some more while still touching on the topic of religion. I love the idea of the Venus project and I can only say that there’s potentially one negative to it. Depending on how it works out. Because they talk about never having to work again because machines would be doing about 90% of the work for us. And who wouldn’t love to do the things you really love to do and never worry about what time it was? But I also worry that it would cause a drastic decrease in innovation. From my experience the “ah-ha!” moment come from continuously working with something. Or perhaps they meant that people would just do the things they love and it wouldn’t be called work anymore. Good watch!

Will Drones Over Manhattan Lead to Privacy Speakeasies?


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I suppose it would be too much to hope that visibility will happen on the governments side too. More likely we will know even less. On a side note I find it exciting that we could see the birth of our very own speakeasy. I know that’s the wrong way to look at it, but for something to come from our past not related to clothing trends …

Study warns on mobile location data privacy


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“The data used in such calculations are “anonymised” – no actual mobile numbers or personal details are associated with the data.”

“They found from the “mobility traces” – the evident paths of each mobile phone – that only four locations and times were enough to identify a particular user. “In the 1930s, it was shown that you need 12 points to uniquely identify and characterise a fingerprint,” said the study’s lead author Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye of MIT….Dr Hidalgo notes that additional information would still be needed to connect a mobility trace to an individual, but that users freely give away some of that information through geo-located tweets, location “check-ins” with applications such as Foursquare and so on….”We’ve really tried hard to not not frame this as a ‘Big Brother’ situation, as ‘we know everything about you’. But we show that even if there’s no name or email address it can still be personal data, so we need it to be treated accordingly.”