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The attempt to keep everyone mentally ill equipped, Teaching of misinformation and who’s trying to change it

U.S Education Is Still Low


U.S. students still below average in math, reading and science

“After more than a decade of Congressional Programs and educational investment, a new report shows that the U.S. has made virtually no improvement in reaching its lowest-performing students. And in some subjects, like math, those students are worse off than they were before.”

Bail out the schools


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“It’s the most worrying phenomenon. Not just because of the wasted potential and frustrated young people. It’s also politically and socially very dangerous. We know that high rates of youth unemployment have a huge fiscal cost for countries, consequences for crime, higher rates of mortality, higher rates of suicide, higher rates of social instability,” says the IMF’s deputy head.

Even with the most optimistic view of a recovery, she says it will take years to tackle the levels of unemployment.

“Which is what brings us to the role of education. It does seem to us that some creative thinking about the future of education could start to make a dent in these unemployment rates,” says Ms Shafik, the Egyptian-born former vice president of the World Bank.

Cursive Mandatory in Elementary Schools in North Carolina


Sorry about the delay people! I’m back from my trip now. I wanted to update while I was away, but it became troublesome on my phone. 😦 So here we go!

I am all for learning how to write our language. I believe it’s important. Cursive, however is not. It’s cool if someone wants to learn it on their own time, but their time could be put to better use at a school.  The time learning to write in cursive in addition to printing (which is the favorable way to write) they could be using that time to learn another language. The younger you are the easier it is to learn that. Everyone knows this. Why do we have to wait until high school / college to learn a language when by then it has become something foreign. Not to mention a lot of people have lost the will to learn by that time. Give the option to elementary schools. It’s such a shame how pointless schools can be sometimes.

America and the entitled


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There was also a BBC article for this which this article links to. But if the writers for this see what I see when people in my generation write something there would be no way it could be said to be better. I’m not saying this applies to everyone, but it can be seriously bad.  I’m all for confidence, but where’s the effort it took to attain it? Congrats for being able to copy and paste. I remember the shift to internet. Once you had to find your information by books and encyclopedias. Now you can find information for any point of view with a click of a button. Internet masters!  I was also guilty of this. But the perceived and the reality do not mesh and I think this is a factor. When you copy and paste you don’t need to worry about spelling, punctuation, grammar, or syntax. It’s done for you. There’s also the lovely red underline that let’s you know you spelled something wrong and instead of having to re-write it you just click on the word continually enabling you to not know how to spell it.

But can we ponder for a moment for how we got to the entitled generation?  My theory is that those of us who have no connection to previous wars like WW2 being raised by those of us who have. The mentality is going to be totally different. If you’ve gone through a war where there was a meager supply of everything, you become much more self-sufficient. You do more things for yourself and for others. You fix what is broken. You save. You stretch. You make it work. This help is not helping those of us who haven’t had that experience. It is now the mentality of someone else will take care of it. Buy not fix. Spend and look the part. The hard working generation has been picking up a lot of the slack. Does anyone else not worry about the day they’re all gone? All the knowledge they gained from having to do things for themselves and why something is done a certain way and they probably know a different way just in case.  Not many people want to know the whys any more just the hows so they can get it done.

Well, I’ll get off my soapbox now.