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A Cautionary Tale


*Disclaimer: I’ve been sitting on this for a couple weeks. I almost wasn’t going to post it because I’m good, I’m over it, and the last thing I’m looking for is pity or for someone to think I’m just whiny. I’ve decided to post this for the off chance this may help someone else get through a tough time.


So. You think you found your path in life and you are in such a happy place. Or perhaps you think you did, but you’re hesitant. If your path is “against the grain”, then I pray you have a strong sense of self. Not every day is going to be perfect, not everything is going to go according to plan. You are not likely going to gain any friends, quite likely you may lose a chunk. Arguably, they may wonder what you’re doing, they may think you’re being fake, they may just flat out not get it. And you’re going to have to be okay with that.

I say this because I’m still finding  that I am still the one who’s keeping up with people. And this was my first birthday without FB. This was the first year that those who remembered and cared would say something. No prompting people to impart guilty/hollow/perfunctory wishes. I don’t even need all my fingers to count how many people wished me a happy birthday. I wasn’t looking for a lot. I didn’t want a party, didn’t want presents. Just some acknowledgement that maybe they found me somewhat meaningful too. And while I don’t regret not having my birthday promoted, I didn’t realize in time the B side of that. It’s somewhat shocking to make the jump from 50 FB wishes to something more “real time”. I did get more than the 2 I was expecting, so there is that. I suppose that people can like you well enough in the moment of them hanging out with you, but it may not mean that they give you a second thought otherwise. Maybe I learned a wrong cultural habit growing up and people don’t actually put down birthdays in their own calendars. Maybe it’s a generation thing and people these days don’t focus on that kind of thing. Maybe it’s a location thing and it’s just another reason to get out of the city. Maybe while certain people are main characters in your story, their lives may be full and all the room they have left is for secondary characters. Or maybe the world has just become a place of not caring as long as they get the attention they need and who cares about giving attention to others. But regardless of the potential “whys” the result was me, by myself for 2 days because I somehow got them off and no one else did, magnifying the situation, and I cried both mornings. And it’s stupid. And I hated it. I wanted to have thoughts of “it’s just another day, nothing important”, “why do I care what other people think of me anyway? I usually don’t”. And while I did, most of my thoughts were like this:

But then this happened

I remembered to find the strength in myself. I had placed too much of it in unreliable outside sources and that will always be a loosing battle. It’s easy to see strength in yourself when things are going how you think it should, but the true test is seeing it when things are going wrong. Kinda like when the only time you find you can be brave is when you’re afraid.

Another Scare Article Regarding AI


Intelligent robots threaten millions of jobs


“”We are approaching a time when machines will be able to outperform humans at almost any task,” said Moshe Vardi, director of the Institute for Information Technology at Rice University in Texas.

“I believe that society needs to confront this question before it is upon us: If machines are capable of doing almost any work humans can do, what will humans do?” he asked at a panel discussion on artificial intelligence at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Vardi said there will always be some need for human work in the future, but replacements could drastically change the landscape, with no profession safe, and men and women equally affected.

“Can the global economy adapt to greater than 50 percent unemployment?” he asked.”


Ah yes. We have doomed ourselves into oblivion. All is lost! What have we done?!

I think what we’ve done is payed attention to Hollywood too much. They have a knack for taking an idea and running with it, making something more than what it is so people will be more apt to watch it. But they’ve also been know to leave irrational lasting impressions.  Do you know how many people don’t go into ocean water because of the movie Jaws?

So what am I getting at? That this very well could be the best thing we’ve done for ourselves. Yes, it would require a drastic overhaul of how our society functions. We would have to let go the idea of “having to EARN a living.” But could you imagine? No one being forced to work a job they hate to support themselves/ their family/ whatever else is important to them.

I believe that society needs to confront this question before it is upon us: If machines are capable of doing almost any work humans can do, what will humans do?” What if this allowed everyone to follow their dreams?  See what people have an aptitude for at a young age and encourage it, help it grow. That’s how prodigy’s are born, right? Can you imagine if the best of the best, those with the passion, were in every field in multitudes? Working right along side the AI’s who help with the tasks. So many of us are over worked and over stressed. So many of us have forgotten to enjoy life and see the beauty of it around us because they’re so busy making ends meet. So many of us work crap jobs, and jobs where you’re disrespected every day. That’s how so many of us are tired, irritable, and more that I can’t think of right now.

Why does this have to be a threatening thing? “We are approaching a time when machines will be able to outperform humans at almost any task,” So what? Are our egos so big? Is it SO important for us to have to be “Top Dog” on this tiny little planet of ours?  No matter how ridiculous?


And even if they do surpass us, who’s to say they’d put us on the endangered species list? (Though, how many species have we put there ourselves. Just saying.)  And how far could they surpass us intellectually if we’re modeling them with our own version of a certain intelligence? I mean, yeah, looks like they’re putting in the mental function of know-how and so show facial features. But will they be able to get to emotion? Will they make rash decisions because of them? Or will they be able to put pieces and ideas together and make decisions based on best outcome without emotional influence? Yes there’s movies like Terminator, The Matrix, and I Robot. But there’s also movies like Wall-e, Short Circuit, and Star Wars. The only thing that is truly threatened  are those at the top who have no other skill-set beyond “being at the top”. Those who depend on the money flow pouring in earned on the backs of others. Whether are not we’re doomed, I say,  relies solely on us.


So where are we REALLY with AI’S? Take a look! (If you do nothing else with the link below at least watch the 7 minute video at the end.)








It’s been 8 months since my last log in to Facebook. And I only know this because I’m able to look to a post somewhere else about officially being out. I actually didn’t think it had been that long.

I’ve realized something in not logging on anymore that has further solidified my decision to not go on it. It gives people an inflated sense of importance.  And I can understand how nice that feels. You get some likes, maybe a couple comments, people are paying attention! To you!  But the reality seems to be that most of them don’t really care and are just doing something to pass the time. Most of them wouldn’t have cared or noticed if they came across your post or not. Most of them aren’t checking your page to make sure they haven’t missed any thing. I was keeping in touch with people, who barely said anything back if at all, because they were cool people when I knew them. Realistically, most of the people on my friends list had become quite irrelevant. I was wasting my time in keeping in touch with people who didn’t care to keep in touch with me. I understood this more when I had given out my email on a post a month before so those who still wanted to keep in touch could do so. I’ve still never gotten an email. And it’s not like they can argue they never saw it because I know that whenever someone likes or comments on a post FB treats it as a current post and  bumps it up in the feed again.

I’m sure this is starting to sound bitter or whiny, “I left FB and now I don’t have any friends! Waaaa!” But I assure you it’s not. This has been an enlightening, empowering, albeit, MAJOR “house cleaning”. I’ve come to the conclusion that I will no longer make time for people who have constantly proven they have no time for me. When I have been the only one reaching out. If someone wants to know something they can ask. Likewise, they can tell me if they want me to know something. And I’ll do the same. In real life I don’t offer up my own current events or past stories unless they’re somehow relevant. I’m not even sure if everyone at work knows I got married in September. (Lol! My own version of don’t ask, don’t tell.) I suppose all this has been easier since I don’t fear/worry about missing out on things.

And even still, there are people I’d love to keep in contact with and it was difficult, initially, to let them go. A reason, a season, a lifetime, I suppose. And I’m still chipping away on other platforms. And do I still try to add people to those other platforms? Indeed I do if I think they’d like it. If they’re not interested then that’s totally cool.

This has given me a kind of freedom.

I can focus a little more on those who are still around and on doing other things, like getting back on track with my reading and exercises. Or even more importantly, spend time with my ageing cat who really loves hanging out on my lap these days. It has simplified my life quite nicely and I don’t feel so spread out.

I’m not trying to convince everyone to leave FB. If you still enjoy being there then that’s great! But if it doesn’t make you happy, even if it did at one time, why are you still logging on? You don’t need it. Don’t be Kip Drody.

And don’t judge yourself by everyones’ highlight reel. What make me think that this will be any different posting here or at all? Absolutely nothing. But someone may see it. And maybe it’ll help them think about some things. And I think I’ll end this post by leaving a few links to some studies regarding FB and other points worth mentioning. Take a look at them maybe?

Forbes – 46 Things We’ve Learned From Facebook Studies

The Atlantic – Everything We Know About Facebooks’ Secret Mood Manipulation Experiment

The New Yorker – How Facebook Makes Us Unhappy

Slate – The Anti-Social Network

The Guardian – Facebook’s ‘Dark Side’: Study Finds Link To Socially Aggressive Narcissism

And just for an attempt at being rounded (I thought this search would’ve brought up more)
CNN – Can Social Media Make You Happy?

Looking Forward To The Next Few Months!


When you feel like everything’s in a good place and like where you’re going and just generally feeling excited:

But want to be cautious because some people don’t know how to handle it:

But really all you feel is the strength that comes along with it:

Got the K9 Cancer Walk on the 19th
Got a fun plan rolling around in my head for some Sunday – probably in June
Signed up for GISHWHES that starts August 1st
Life is good.

Now if only I can get other people excited about it too. Which has so far proven difficult since it’s not related to Disney, minions, painted nails, cat videos, or alcohol….

And So I Continue to Learn the Same Thing


As I’ve said on here a couple times already, Facebook is just not the place. I present you you my idea of what I feel like happened.

I’d gotten suck(er)ed in again and I’d gotten to the point where I thought I might be able to get a conversation or 2 instead of just ‘likes’ and copious forms of escapism. But instead I’d ended up killing the posts. At first I wasn’t sure so I waited.

But no one even wanted to take a moment to say yay or nay.

Exhibit A:

I finally had to say something. Couldn’t stay quiet anymore after this always popping up year after year. I think I did really well considering.
“I love you, I really do, but every year you go on this crusade, posting these over and over again. And it seems the more we comment with tolerance, the more you seem to post them. And yet you never seem to join the conversation. You may think you’re defending your beliefs (“If anyone sins in that he hears a public adjuration to testify, and though he is a witness, whether he has seen or come to know the matter, yet does not speak, he shall bear his iniquity;” (Leviticus 5:1)), or feel there’s a war on Christmas, but notice no one says anything until you post one of these. And while I can respect your unwavering beliefs in the midst of the opinions of others, it doesn’t give you the green light to try to shove it down peoples throats like this does. Obviously this means a lot to you, but there are people out there who believe just as strongly in their ideals as you believe in yours. All this will do is push them away, and drive an even bigger wedge between cultures, when showing by example works a million times better. (“The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.”(Exodus 14:14)) Please keep this holiday as one of love. If I’m wrong please tell me, because when you say nothing it only leaves those of us who see these to their own theories. <3”

Exhibit B:
I was surprised with this one because this person is usually up for thoughts. I was really excited I had some that were super relevant and as far as I could tell, true. This link was posted:
I didn’t want people to freak out like this article wanted, so of course something had to be said.
“I believe this article is just there to draw up traffic to the site and most obviously to grab an audience for the documentary. Even I was easily able to spot the half truths to get people on a rampage. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM ) generally deals in chronic cases. Lying is in there, something everyone has done here and there, but it becomes a disorder when it’s a knee-jerk reaction no matter the circumstance. They lie about any and all things, even about what they did that day, and they may not even know that they’re doing it. (…/the-10-personality&#8230;) So when they’re saying “oppositional defiant disorder, or ODD, they’re saying that they will oppose practically anything and will probably fight you on it. The DSM is psychology’s attempt to be as scientific as they can to something that we know very little about, to help the people who need it and do what they can. Especially when chronic patients generally don’t really want to say what’s really going on, they can only work with what they have. And of course they will bring up the Soviet Union, who historically had totalitarian regimes following WW1. (Not to say that every government hasn’t had people in their pocket to try to get what they need done. That’s why we always have “evidence” to support what ever view that’s out there.) And a psychiatrist is just a psychiatrist, not a scientist. So OF COURSE they’re not going to be able to give you lab tests. Contrary to what Hollywood depicts, 1 does not encompass all. Even if you were able to grab a scientist it would need to be the right kind of scientist or they wouldn’t be able to help you anyway. :)”
But I also wanted to convey that I agree that there were problems so I posted these too.

In addition to this which is not really a huge deal, just disappointed that no one wanted to talk about these interesting things, I had also been ‘asked’ some things. 1, why I don’t post metal music videos. I like metal, I have some cd’s. It’s just MY page and I should be able to post what I want. Things that are relevant to me at the time. 2. If I could take down a picture because someone might feel bad. When I looked back at it, I didn’t see anything offending about it. And finding the whole thing questionable I knowingly over-reacted and took down the whole lot of them.

All of this has resulted in me taking a pretty big step back from facebook, which is actually something I hadn’t done before.

And I think I feel better for it. I haven’t posted anything since Christmas. And I’m like a groundhog popping up every so often to like the things that matter and maybe make a comment or two, but no more thoughts/ideas(because no one cares about what you think unless it mirrors their own thoughts/ideas). I’ll leave that for here since I usually post my thoughts on here anyway (being a blog and all) and I’m not usually expecting responses. I thought about leaving all together, but I still want to keep in touch with people. So we’ll see how it goes. I do have other things I could be doing like working on things to post here, reading, or learning something new. All I know is that I wont be spending as long on there or continuously checking on my phone (which I’m sure my data with thank me for.)