I hit my WordPress 3 year anniversary a few days ago! So in lieu of that I thought it would be neat to post a list of my posts that, I think, stand out. Ones that seem to have that little extra. If I’ve forgotten any let me know!

The Crappiest Post This Side Of The Mississippi March 9th 2016

A Cautionary Tale March 6th 2016

Another Scare Article Regarding AI February 16th 2016

Get It Gone: The Purge January 27th 2016 (I don’t exactly know why, but this has gotten 177 views to date! I guess you could say it’s my most popular…)

Unplugged January 5th 2016

But They Said… October 15th 2014

Dissappointment, Disregard, and Deniability 101 October 9th 2014

Inaction Breeds Drought and Turmoil July 22nd 2014

They Talk of Children March 18th 2014


And just a couple nice things that have been said in comments:

“I really like the premise for your site. It’s very personal and yet very social, too.” Found Here

“This blog could certainly be one of the very best in its field. Fantastic blog!” Found Here