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Can’t… stop…


Tests find oil has reached Lake Conway, Exxon denies


I really wish I could stop with the spill articles. Really, I do.  I know I’ve gotten the point. But apparently the oil companies haven’t? So I will keep posting. :/

Epic Sigh


Thanks to Ladyocean420 for sending me this link.

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“The state sought $236 million to monitor and remediate groundwater contaminated by MTBE — which travels farther and faster in groundwater than gasoline without the additive.

Lawyers for Exxon Mobil say the company used MTBE to meet federal Clean Air Act mandates to reduce air pollution and should not be held liable for sites contaminated by unnamed third parties, such as junk yard owners and independent gas station owners.

Jurors had more than 400 exhibits to sift through, including memos and reports dating back decades.”

Decades. DECADES people! Follow the link for a slide show of other spills. Maybe we should all just start hoarding all the good water now. It seems it’s going to get harder and harder to find it. 😦