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Where’s the money?

Dissappointment, Disregard, and Deniability 101


It’s disappointing when you see that a picture of a carrot gains more attention than a cause. With an unexpected whopping total of 34 likes (which is a lot for my page), 11 comments, and one share; here is said picture:

Turnip the beet, yo!

People even came out of the woodwork for it.
However, this link for a cause I posted with excited rambling got one like and another person to comment:
The commenter was interested until she found out that the point of the event was fundraising in a “fun-run” type fashion. I was expecting little interest, but wow. The event had/has some serious potential to be fun and I thought I had a good idea to get some interest, but no luck. I thought I might have been able to get a small team together and maybe 1-2 supporters, and that hopefully others of the team could get 1-2 supporters of their own to make the sum bigger without the weight being carried too much by 1-2 people alone. I even liked my own post (and I find it so lame when people like their own posts) in hopes of bringing it back up to peoples attention in case they missed it. I spent a few weeks trying to figure out how I could make it work, but without even having supporters, all thoughts led me to dead ends or weird ends of the internet that I’d rather not play with. So, it looks like this year, I’ll just donate what little I can and I think I’ll buy a t-shirt of theirs to continue to raise awareness of them. No where near as fun, but it’ll get the job done. It’s something. So, whiny point about post aside… there are some thoughts I’m left with.

*There’s a part of me that wants to believe that it’s just a random coincidence, no one really saw it, and it’s no one’s fault.

*But really, this further confirms my idea that FB is no place to post things that actually matter. And unfortunately, it’s the only place to post things that matter if you want a good number of people to see it. I’m understanding more and more that most people use FB to enable their need to escape their life in addition to keeping in touch with people. Hence all the cats, and games, and what ever else they feel they need to do. Which is totally cool in moderation, but when you do it all day to avoid or compensate for your life, then that’s where I feel there’s a problem. Why not use some of that time to make your world around you something you want to be in? Why post things saying how much you hate being an adult? How does that help you?

*The amount of people who post about how much the world sucks and needs to change/be better. I can’t begin to tell you how much of it I see on FB. And they all ignored it. There was a fun and fairly simple thing they could’ve done, and nothing. So really that says that they want to put no effort into it themselves. Someone else needs to fix it.

Can’t be interrupting your precious day to day, now can it?
Yes, raising awareness is a good thing. But I think we’re all plenty aware of a lot of things that need fixing. When will it stop being enough to just raise awareness?

Knowledge without Action is Power Wasted

*It had been brought to my attention through my friend that backed out that the trouble with fundraising was attempting to convince other people that what little extra money they have should go to this cause/non-profit. Why is this more important than their cause/s or their child’s after school activities? I didn’t have an answer for her then, but I do now. It’s not. It’s not more important, but perhaps it’s equally important. It’s important to make sure you’re where you should be and want to be, there’s no question of that, but is it not also important to make sure you have good surroundings? Because that affects you. Diversity of interests is what keeps this world afloat. If everyone just piled in the money to one cause/place they would have a heck of a time trying to figure out what to do with it all, for one as explained here: , but all the other important issues would fall by the way side and then things would really suck.

*But what about those who aren’t involved in anything? No kids, no cause.

Would this not be a good place to start? Or find something you’re passionate about and do it.

*And perhaps the solution is in the problem? What if it’s a scheme from those in power to keep us exactly where we are because it keeps them right where they are? We are purposefully kept in a place with no time so we can’t think about solutions, and little to no money to make it happen. It keeps everyone on the look out for themselves because that’s all they have the energy left for. But what if we all just did it anyway? Yeah, I’m sure it’d be stressful at first because everyone would be stretched so thin, but then something wonderful could happen where everyone becomes giving. No one would have a want because we’d all be able to share. Granted that would be if everyone or most everyone was involved. I think that was the point of the hippie movement, and if only they could’ve lasted until the previous generation gave way, I believe that’s where we’d be right now. They thought they had to follow the given format because they grew up, had kids they needed to take care of, but they really could’ve changed it all. I’ll leave you with this video that I’m hoping will help illustrate my point.

Street Charge Solar-Powered Phone Charging Stations in NYC


Image links to Inhabitat article

“We’re excited to team up with AT&T and Pensa to help make New York a little greener and solar power a little more accessible,” said Joe Atkin, President and CEO of Goal Zero. “Nearly half of all Americans own a smartphone and the amount of time we spend on handheld devices has increased dramatically. All too often, we hear the dreaded low-battery beep and it happens at the most inconvenient times. Street Charge will fix that.”


Really? People spent time on this? Yeah, sure, it’s green and all but…I apologize, I can’t find a way to end this sentence the way I’d like. Let alone the amount of time it takes to charge a dead phone battery do we really want to encourage our reliance on these even more? I’ve seen and known people who have a hard enough time putting these things down. I can just imagine how much more people’s bill will be when they can use it more. And should I mention the current NSA/Big Brother media hype thing that’s happening right now? Do we really want to be on our phones MORE?



Image links to BBC article

“The federal minimum wage for tipped restaurant workers is $2.13 an hour, with tips expected to take the wage to $7.25 an hour.

“It was difficult and I lived and died by my tips,” says Dublanica, who worked in New York restaurants for seven years and wrote a blog about it called Waiter Rant.

“If you don’t tip, I can’t pay the rent. But the reality is you can work hard and get no tips and do nothing and get good tips.”

I know I would love to not worry about how much to tip. Wouldn’t it be easier for all if their pay  was made to be the average of what they made with tips if they had been doing it before change and make the minimum for the newcomers whatever that states minimum wage is?

Search for Survivors after Dhaka building collapse


Image links to BBC article

“Police said the factory owners had ignored warnings not to allow their workers into the building after cracks were noticed on Tuesday. The High Court has summoned the building owner and senior management staff of the factories to appear before judges on 30 April, local media report. The factory owners are said to have gone into hiding.”

“Primark, a clothes retailer with a large presence in Britain, confirmed that one of its suppliers was on the second floor of the Rana Plaza. It said it was “shocked and deeply saddened by the appalling incident” and that it would work with other retailers to review standards. Discount giant Wal-Mart – which was found to be sourcing products from the Tazreen factory – said it was still trying to establish whether its goods were being produced at the Rana Plaza.

“We remain committed and are actively engaged in promoting stronger safety measures, and that work continues,” said Wal-Mart spokesman Kevin Gardner.

A company called New Wave, with two factories in the building, supplies firms from around Europe, the US and Canada.”

Just make sure you keep those numbers up. That’s all that’s important, right? -_-

Zeitgeist #1…Check!


I’m kinda amazed at myself for having come to some conclusions that are on here. I was really interested in the 9/11 section because I didn’t really pay that close attention then. I felt separate from it, like I was watching a movie or something. It now makes sense why they gotta keep rehashing it once or twice a year. There was even things I don’t remember happening or even hearing about so that was also interesting. I feel like there’s something I need to do or should do, but what? I almost feel like I should be worried just having this blog. But then if this Peter Joseph is still alive then I have nothing to worry about then right? And the theories are much more involved than I would have ever gotten. Or it would’ve taken a while. I have new things to ponder now. And I feel good about it. One more to go!

German town goes off the grid, achieves energy independence!


Image links to Treehugger article

“Imagine a town which no longer relies on fossil fuels or nuclear power, a place where residents reached into their own pockets to build their own energy grid, reaping the benefit of lower electric and heating prices from their investment. You are dreaming of Feldheim, a 100% energy independent town.”

US trade deficit widens in January


The gap between the value of imports to the US and exports from the US widened in January (Imports to the US rose while exports from the US fell). Is anyone else surprised? Skill in a tradesman is not revered anymore. And with being knowledgeable and smart something to look down upon. Cutting corners and saving money no matter the cost to the product is the holy grail of business now. I would love to have real quality things. Things that are made to last, but it just doesn’t keep the money cycling in from things breaking down.