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What’s in our food?

For Science!


Scientists are growing ten different kinds of crops in Mars-like soil

“The Wageningen University team believes the first Mars colonists will likely grow food underground. They say it would be difficult to create a structure strong enough for the surface that would protect the plants from cosmic radiation. Mars settlers will probably grow food in engineered conditions in habitations below the surface, so in their experiments, the Netherlands team grew food in consistent, Earth-like conditions in a greenhouse.
While the research emphasizes paving the way for future Mars colonizers, the team also believes their findings could benefit those living in harsh environments here on Earth, such as the desert or a disaster area.”

Did these scientists just cure HIV/AIDS?

“Researchers at Philadelphia’s Temple University have made a thrilling breakthrough on the path to cure HIV/AIDS. In a recent experiment, they managed to remove HIV-1 DNA out of the human genome. And when they reintroduced HIV to the edited genomes, the cells were no longer infected with the virus.”

How 6 ant-inspired microrobots can pull a 3,900-pound car

“Don’t let their diminutive size fool you. The microrobots developed by the engineers at the Biomimetics and Dexterous Manipulation Lab at Stanford University might look like toys, but thanks to the power of biomimicry, the imitation of nature, they can move objects weighing more than 2,000 times their own weight when they work together.”

But They Said…


If you don’t know what you’re avoiding, then how do you know you’re avoiding it?


Vibrations…Seriously, dude?

Maybe the question should be, “how was it modified”? and not just ‘angry mob’ the whole idea. Let’s go to Bill Nye for some help.

I’ll bet that this doesn’t look like the type of banana you are used to eating, and for good reason. Banana seeds are naturally inedible, and the flesh of the fruit is fairly hard. Around 8,000 years ago, humans began domesticating bananas. After generations of artificial selection, the banana’s flesh became softer and sweeter. The bananas available at your grocery store have been designed to be seedless for added convenience, though it does leave the plant unable to reproduce in the wild.

This banana has been modified to fit your needs

I’m sure our need to have our food visually pleasing doesn’t help either.


Unless you actually have a gluten intolerance, there’s really no need for you to be going gluten free. Here’s some help:

I’m all for labels. We should be able to make the decision on if we want to eat something or not. They also enable us as consumers to support the way we want things to be done. All I’m asking is that you do your own research and do what’s right for you.

End Scene

Have I mentioned how much I love Seattle?


Image links to Forbes article

“Over the past few days, permaculture practitioners and urban food policy followers not just in the Emerald City but around the globe have been positively abuzz with news that a hilly and undeveloped 7-acre parcel of land owned by Seattle Public Utilities will be transformed into a lush, forager-friendly wonderland called the Beacon Food Forest.

To be clear, the future site of the food forest — thought to be the largest of its kind in the U.S. — isn’t located in some sylvan pocket on the outskirts of town, in a woodsy bedroom community, or in, gulp, neighboring Snohomish County. The Beacon Food Forest will be located less than 3 miles southeast of Seattle’s downtown core in the ethnically and economically diverse Beacon Hill neighborhood (former home of, by the way) adjacent to a large park. It’s very much an urban endeavor that can best be described as a P-Patch (Seattle vernacular for community plot — there are more than 75 throughout the city all overseen by a nonprofit called P-Patch Trust) on steroids.”

Is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking??? It’s like the edible room! But healthy!!!

Gene Wilder is great by the way! 🙂

I Fail to See This as a Good Idea


“The biggest pork firms in China and the US plan to join forces in a $4.7bn (£3.1bn) deal that aims to feed the world’s most populous country.

China’s Shuanghui International has agreed to pay cash for the Virginia-based Smithfield Foods, which including debt, values the firm at $7.1bn.

The deal will be the largest takeover of a US company by a Chinese rival.

It also highlights the growing power of Chinese firms and their desire to secure global resources.”

Um, have they forgotten how “infected” their food and water has become lately? This is hardly a sound business deal for a company in the U.S.

New Era of Food Scarcity Echoes Collapsed Civilizations –


In my opinion, we are not coming upon a food shortage. We have a problem of over-population, waste (food challenges & how much food gets thrown out), and over consumption. And let us not forget the poaching problem depleting our awesome animals.