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Internet Cold War?


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I’ve had this thought for about a year now. Would this not be one of the easier ways to take down a country so dependent on their machines? Most of which are connected? All they would have to do is shut off the electricity. Most would freak out and we’d be done for. “In April 2012, a very large percentage of traffic on the whole internet, including lot of traffic for military installations, got rerouted through China.” Are we really that senseless to give access to another country?

BBC Add in on March 13 2013


I Find Your Lack of Regard for Animal Life Disturbing


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“Perhaps you are surprised to learn that it is perfectly legal to trap these big cats in order to make money, not just in California but in many states? In general, the bobcat is protected in midwestern states, but not in western states, while in eastern states a permit is required to destroy bobcats. Clearly, this practice is horrible, but AB1213 is happening now because there has been a 51 percent increase over the past year in the number of bobcats killed in California. According to Bloom, this is due to an increased demand for exotic animals pelts in China, Russia, Greece and other foreign markets, which means the price of a pelt has risen from $78 to about $700 since 2009.

From SFGate:
“The problem, according to wildlife advocates, is that there is very little regulation of bobcat trapping in California and nobody really knows how many bobcats there are. The state’s estimate of 70,000 bobcats is three decades old, said Brendan Cummings, senior counsel and wildlands program director for the Center for Biological Diversity. Commercial trappers can now go virtually anywhere they want in the state, including, in some cases, private property, unless it is explicitly closed to trapping, Cummings said.“Under California’s antiquated trapping laws, it’s perfectly legal for trappers to line the boundary of a national park with traps, kill the park’s wildlife, and ship the animals’ pelts to China,” Cummings said.