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BBCs’ Iraq 2003-13: A journey through words



What are the odds I would find this link after what I’ve read and watched today. The summary says quite a bit I think.

Zeitgeist #1…Check!



I’m kinda amazed at myself for having come to some conclusions that are on here. I was really interested in the 9/11 section because I didn’t really pay that close attention then. I felt separate from it, like I was watching a movie or something. It now makes sense why they gotta keep rehashing it once or twice a year. There was even things I don’t remember happening or even hearing about so that was also interesting. I feel like there’s something I need to do or should do, but what? I almost feel like I should be worried just having this blog. But then if this Peter Joseph is still alive then I have nothing to worry about then right? And the theories are much more involved than I would have ever gotten. Or it would’ve taken a while. I have new things to ponder now. And I feel good about it. One more to go!