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US trade deficit widens in January



The gap between the value of imports to the US and exports from the US widened in January (Imports to the US rose while exports from the US fell). Is anyone else surprised? Skill in a tradesman is not revered anymore. And with being knowledgeable and smart something to look down upon. Cutting corners and saving money no matter the cost to the product is the holy grail of business now. I would love to have real quality things. Things that are made to last, but it just doesn’t keep the money cycling in from things breaking down.



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The Bor Wildlife Sanctuary (http://www.maharashtratourism.net/sanctuaries/bor-wildlife-sanctuary.html) rescued an orphaned Bengal tiger cub in 2009 and have raised it since naming him Bhangaram. They had plans to release him into the wild, but it turns out Bhangaram like being there. Attempting to  bring about natural instincts they released a goat into the enclosure, but looks like he’d rather have a friend. Much to the shock and dismay of the staff. You mean they don’t think about murder 24/7? Wow, what a concept. :p When will people realize big cats aren’t the problem they think they are?


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VERY interesting read. I warn you, though, it’s a bit lengthy. So here’s what I took away from it: A good amount of mental illnesses are not universal. And if it’s not universal can it really be a real illness or is it all subconscious (or conscious I suppose depending on the person) They are formed by social interpretations, characterizations, and treatments. Which have a tendency to be more of a hindrance than a help. I.E. How others treat that individual and how long the symptoms last. When they started to be defined is when they become more uniformed. And of course drug companies are all over this cash cow ready to jump to prescribe people…. But seriously, read it.

New Era of Food Scarcity Echoes Collapsed Civilizations – Treehugger.com



In my opinion, we are not coming upon a food shortage. We have a problem of over-population, waste (food challenges & how much food gets thrown out), and over consumption. And let us not forget the poaching problem depleting our awesome animals.